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Ren has been adding to the Portland psy music scene since the beginning of 2007.  She is known  for her KV2 sound system, and her lid flipping darkpsy sets and her initiative to make fun parties happen.  She Is currently putting together a record label called triponacci, with 2 full length releases (one VA, one solo album) to be released this 2016!  









Bio coming soon!  














Josh loves to play and it doesn't matter what it is, if it's fun he'll be trying it. Psytrance can be some of the most fun, so you'll find him here or there swinging things around on fire and going crazy. If he isn't dead by the time he's 33 surely he'll be ascended.









Electret is a material that has a (quasi-)permanent electrical charge (& is thsed on electret microphones). It's also Marlyce Lagalo's DJ name. She play a number of genres but breakbeat is closest to her heart (standing in line behind psy, electro, progressive, & Nu Skool breaks would be electro, electro house, drum n' bass, downtempo, darkpsy, & more genres you can ask her to list for you later on if you really want. Obligatory list of clubs/events Marlyce has played: Timewavezero 2 & 3, ock Block (RIP Groove Suite), Where Life Begins, The Boom is Back, Psyquinox, various outdoor & house parties that didn't have names, & probably ones she can't think of right this moment. Marlyce will never throw a DJ ego fit, demand a better timeslot, or any of that type of idiocy; she plays because she adores the music & is grateful & happy to provide beats for the people who get their dance on, friends who are supportive, amazing producers & artists for inspiration, & the promoters & peeps that provide the opportunities by inviting her to play at their shows. Peep her Soundcloud if you like: http://www.soundcloud.com/marlyceelectret

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