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Golden Apple Audio

Includes audio technician on site utilizing Klark-Technik processor gear, mixer, microphones, booth equipment, etc.
We have complete sound reinforcement available for events, festivals, parties, and other occasions.

Email us here for more info on renting our premium KV2 systems and other audio gear.



ES1.0 ($75/module) - Three-way very high output tops. x4 = 139dB SPL, 40 meter throw for applications of up to 3000 people. 








ES1.5 ($50/module) - Single 15” high output subwoofer, best when tripled, or when used with an ES 1.8 or with an EX2.5 







ES1.8 ($75/module) - High output reflex horn loaded single 18” subwoofer.  Best when coupled or paired with an ES1.5 







EPAK2500  ($100/module) - A four-way active control and amplification unit designed for the ES series line of KV2 loudspeaker systems. 








EX2.5 ($100/module) - A dual-15” active subwoofer module using the same amplifier found in the EPAK2500 best when used to compliment the various ES setups, but powerful enough to be used in place of the ES1.8



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